Writer's Blog

I almost didn't write
because I couldn't remember the difference
between "who" and "whom"
and if it is "especially he" or "he especially"
and how I'll be mocked for using three two-letter words
all in a row.

I almost gave in to the constant distractions
and didn't return to write after
getting another cup of water and helping
him wipe. And cutting up another apple and
answering the phone and then there was
something in my eye.

I almost let my unrelenting resignation
keep me from writing, the thought: of course
there's no hope for success.
I almost forgot
there is another point.
The act is the success.

And all the publishers and agents and bitter lovers,
and magazines and editors and All Those who can reject my work
Can't keep me from writing.
And from this timeless source within,
like lava bubbling up to create Earth, like
the rising swell to orgasm

the inevitability of me writing
The undertow of thoughts to words
flows from me regardless of grammar, skill,
or entitlement.
It just comes. It can't help but happen.

And that is why I understand
life irrelevant of health insurance and taxes
artists who paint at 3 AM
lovers who tap music in their sleep

And that is why I understand
Why flowers bloom, and there are star-filled nights
And the river flows down the smooth rock bed
And love... happens at all.

--Laurie M

© 2007 Laurie M Simpkinson. All rights reserved.